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March 2024 Spring into March🌷

Happiness…What makes you happy is my focus this month!

February 2024 was a month of happiness for me!

I was able to take a 10 day trip to have some sunshine and fun.

First was celebrating a very close friends birthday, with my girlfriends in Las Vegas. Second spending time with my lovely aunt in Laguna CA, and lastly, doing a photo shoot for a Horse Polo Project I am working on for a fall Artwalk Show at The Yale Press in Chewelah, WA. Dates : September and October 2024.

Earlier in February as mentioned in my February Blog, I sold many photographs at shows, a gallery, and won second place in a gallery show! So you understand why February was a wonderful month for me.

Through my trip and sells, I found joy, because of the wonderful people I met or spent time with along my journey. This was refreshing that once again people are allowing joy back into their lives. In Washington, many people that I cherish came to my gallery reception which was lovely! I am blessed that this group of small business owners, artists’, and new friends, came a distance to show their support of my photography. In Las Vegas, while I was in line for a beverage at a 80’s Band Rock Concert, a women that I struck up a conversation with, out of the blue bought me a drink. She said” she had such a fun time reminiscing about the good ole’ days with me that she wanted to buy me a drink.” In Laguna visiting my aunt and cousins, my 89 year old aunt, gave me a lovely card expressing how excited she was that I came to spend time with her. Thinking about it, makes me happy all over again. The thought, that I brought her joy! In La Quinta, CA I was happy to hang out around the horses, that I miss having in my own life. During the time that I was at the ranch, a young man that is a groomer for the Polo Club I am helping promote on social media, was respectful, kind to everyone, and paid for my dinner and another co-workers dinner. It restored my faith that some parents are doing a good job raising their kids, despite the challenging times we are living in.

This month spread some joy to those you come across in your journey! Most people are happy if you give them your smile, by simply smiling. If you find the time to give some joy, you will find your own happiness along the way! I would find some happiness in March, if just one person takes the time to read my Blog this month and lets me know by leaving a little note in the comments or emails me.

Thank you for reading either way!

March Show Dates:

March 29th through May 4th, 2024 :

Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, WA / Located at: Art In A Pickle Barn Show, Address: SCHUH FARMS 15530 State Route WA-536, Mount Vernon, WA

March 13th and 14th 2024:

Art Bash at Maple Hall in La Conner, WA : 104 Commercial St. La Conner, WA

March 1, through March 23, 2024:

Eagle Haven Winery: Skagit Artists Show: Address: 8233 Sims Rd., Sedro-Woolley, WA

Cards and Framed Photography and Gift Certificates anytime, just email me. See my CONTACT information on this website.

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