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About: Faces of Rescue Project

Hello, I am Kathryn James of Design by Kathryn Photography.

My journey started as the Senior Dog Photographer for Save-A-Mutt. I enjoy photographing these lovely rescue dogs…young at heart. Most have been left at shelters due to their prior owners passing away, discarded by puppy mills, families that cannot afford their care, or left at the shelter because they are old.

I started the Faces of Rescue Project to help Save-A-Mutt raise awareness for Senior Dog Adoption. “Adopting an older dog may save its life. Many people are quick to adopt puppies and younger dogs, often overlooking dogs over the age of five. Shelters are overcrowded and unfortunately, older dogs are among the first to be euthanized if they aren’t adopted in a timely manner.” Please visit Save-A-Mutts’ Facebook page to find out more about Adopting Senior Dogs; Emma’s Fund to learn more about Elizabeth’ and Jennifer’s journey rescuing senior dogs, and Everett Animal Shelter’s Fostering Program for Senior dogs.

To view adopted featured animals in the Faces of Rescue Project, click Charity Work, and go to Faces of Rescue Project.

Please visit my Facebook page at Design by Kathryn to learn more about purchasing Faces of Rescue Greeting Cards, to help benefit Senior Dog Adoption, Community Cat Coalition, Heart Strings for Horses, and Paws with Cause. Also check back soon on the dbk.photography website for updates, blogs, and new cards supporting Other Rescue Animal Adoption Groups in Washington State.

In 2023 I will be starting to work again on my Faces of Rescue Project, by donating time, and photography to assist with the increased numbers of animals entering shelters.

How can you help? Please spay and neuter your pets and encourage family and friends to do so as well.

20% of my greeting cards goes to the Rescue Organization listed sponsoring the animal for adoption. The remaining funds go towards material and /or processing costs.

Thank you for helping these lovely animals find forever homes.

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