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About Me

I am a natural light photographer, and enjoy capturing whatever catches my eye.

I like to think my photos are telling a story and that it brings the viewer to my moment and place as if you were there with me.

As a child I loved taking photos, however, did not purchase my first 35mm camera until I was in my forties. Animals have been a passion since I was a young girl and remains one today.  I ride horses, dabble in the sport of horse polo, and love photographing the sport.  I take delight in photographing my friends riding their horses; Helping Animal Rescue Groups, and Shelters photograph adoptable animals.

My journey of daily travels while working in the beautiful rural areas of the Pacific NW brought me to where I am today…. Whatever you do in Life, Enjoy the Ride!

 I hope my photos inspire others to start their photography journey at any age.

– Kathryn James

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